FEFCON elastomeric bearings are the bridge and viaduct devices that have produced by vulcanization of elastomeric layers and steel reinforcements under high pressure and temperatures and they can distribute the loads, movements and rotations safely from super structures to substructures. Elastomeric bearings have to be stiff enough under vertical affects, and to be elastic under horizontal affects.
FEFCON can design and produce elastomeric bearings according to different standards such as EN 1337, BS 5400, AASHTO LRFD, DIN 4141, AS 5100 by its talented engineers. NR (natural) or CR (neoprene) rubbers are used in production in accordance with requests of clients.
FEFCON elastomeric bearings are controlled according to related standards during production processes. That’s why FEFCON presents to its clients high quality products that can work properly during their service lives.