FEFCON Pot and Spherical Bearings are bridge and viaduct elements that ensure safe and durable structures by providing distribution of the loads from superstructure to sub-structure. While these bearings can be used in all kinds of structures, they are also designed to meet the movement and rotational demands. Thus, they work under various high or low loads, movements and rotational values, providing durability and longevity to the structures.
As generally steel plates are used in pot and spherical bearings, they have more load capacities compared to elastomeric bearings.
Pot bearings are designed and produced in accordance with EN 1337-5 or AASHTO standards, and spherical bearings are designed and produced in accordance with EN 1337-7 or AASHTO standards, according to customer requirements and project specifications by the expert engineers of FEFCON. In this way, while providing cost advantages with specific optimized designs, high quality and performance are guaranteed at the same time. During the design and production of these sensitive products, it is imperative that the engineering staff has sufficient knowledge and experience, otherwise mistakes are inevitable.