To become a leader in technology with new methods and continuous improvement approach in our field of activity.
To ensure the continuity of the trust of the employees in the company, to increase the efficiency and satisfaction of the personnel by showing the necessary importance and sensitivity to all kinds of training and awareness-raising activities for the future, to ensure the effective use of resources by applying continuous development and improvement in all units, to place and spread the understanding of quality in all areas.
To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment
To make decisions based on data, to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, to be focused on continuous improvement and differentiation.

Purpose: To take the necessary measures to minimize our negative effects on the environment. These are ;
* To comply with all local and national laws, environmental legislation and laws related to the environment, to keep them up to date
* To accept responsibility and duty to leave a livable environment to future generations
* To get information to use our energy and resources effectively and to save,
* By keeping our wastes under control, to prevent the pollution of air, water and soil,
* Ensuring that environmental awareness is adopted and maintained by all our employees